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Drupal learning community

on April 15th, 2010 at 5:56:18 PM

You don't so much as "use" an open source tool, but you "learn" it. And continue to learn it.

With Drupal as flexible as it is, anytime you develop a new site or service, there's a large chance that you're going to be designing and developing something which hasn't been done before.

Drupal presents an ever changing landscape of problem solving, and if you enjoy puzzle cracking, you'll enjoy Drupal. However, it is a challenge... Drupal's learning curve is reknowned.

To train someone in using Drupal, you're not just showing how to do X, Y and Z- but you're giving them the tools for problem solving.

Research in education and learning recognizes that learning is social. Top-down approaches have been de-bunked. They were based on the model that you could crack open someone's mind and dump knowledge in. Rather, people bring their own backgrounds, misconceptions, mental models and prior knowledge, and with that, they "construct" their understanding of something new. 

Training needs to give learners a chance to develop their own understanding of Drupal. While an introductory workshop can cover the basics, it can also give users a peek into the ninja level stuff that is going to prepare them to kick ass sooner rather than later. For example, by integrating best practices and understanding "why" something should be done a certain way.

Acquia will develop new training and learning services with partners to give learners and new members of the Drupal community, the tools to solve their unique problems and get over the learning curve into the the realm of "kick ass".